Product Development

Butanol production from inulin-rich chicory and Taraxacum kok-saghyz extracts: Determination of sugar utilization profile of Clostridium saccharobutylicum P262

Characteristics of mechanical properties of sulphur cross-linked guayule and dandelion natural rubbers

                    Characterization and Performance Testing of Guayule Latex                    

Evaluation & control of potential sensitizing & irritating chemical components in natural rubber latex extracted from the industrial crop guayule

High performance waste-derived filler/carbon black reinforcedguayule natural rubber composites

Immunogenicity studies of guayule and guayule latex in occupationally exposed workers

Natural Rubber- Toughened PHBV/PLA Bioplastic Films for Quieter Packaging Applications

Novel Mineral and Organic Materials from Agro-Industrial Residues as Fillers for Natural Rubber

Processing and mechanical properties of natural rubber/waste-derived nano filler composites compared to macro and micro filler composites

Quantification of the Contribution of Filler Characteristics to Natural Rubber Reinforcement Using Principal Component Analysis

Reinforced Mechanical Properties of Functionalized Silica and Eggshell Filled Guayule Natural Rubber Composites

Strain-induced crystallization behaviour of natural rubbers from guayule and rubber dandelion revealed by simultaneous time-resolved WAXD/tensile measurements: indispensable function for sustainable resources

Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TK): compositional analysis of a feedstock for natural rubber and other bioproducts

            Viral impermeability of hypoallergenic, low protein, guayule latex films           

Visualization of the Malleability of the Rubber Core of Rubber Particles from Parthenium argentatum Gray and Other Rubber-Producing Species Under Extremely Cold Temperatures