2018 OSU 3 Minute Thesis: Durability of Eggshell and Silica Filled Guayule Natural Rubber Composites (Speaker: Tony Xianjie Ren)       

            2019 OSU 3 Minute Thesis: Translating Between Electronic and Ionic Systems (Speaker: Parker Evans)            

2022 OSU 3 Minute Thesis: Domestic Rubber and Medical Glove Durability (Speaker: Ashley Venturini)

                               Bio Fuel & Materials (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)                              

                    Biographical and Geographical Diversification of Natural Rubber               

                                    Buckeye Gold (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)                                  

                 CFAES 2017 Holiday Donor Thank You (Speaker: Cathann Kress)                

                 CFAES Faculty Profile: Katrina Cornish (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)               

                                 Dandelion Rubber (Speaker: Matt Kleinhenz)                               

                                      Dandelions in Tomorrow's Automobiles                                   

                                          Dandelions into Rubber for Tires                                         

                Farm Days: From Weeds to Wheels with The Ohio State University              

                Guayule: Manufacturing Latex Products (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)              

In Your House, In Your Car: OARDC Boosts Development of New Bioproducts (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

Katrina Cornish: 2019 CFAES Innovator of the Year Award Winner (Speaker: Katrina Corinsh)

                     Natural Rubber from Dandelions (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)                    

 New Hypoallergenic Latex Creates Business Opportunity (Speaker: Katrina Cornish) 

Rain Gardens and Dandelions: Innovative Research at OARDC (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

                  Rubber Dandelion: Closing Remarks (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)                 

Rubber Dandelion: Germplasm Improvement and Crop Domestication (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

 Rubber Dandelion: Manufacturing Latex Rubber Products (Speaker: Katrina Cornish) 

 Rubber Dandelion: Manufacturing Solid Rubber Products (Speaker: Katrina Cornish) 

Rubber Dandelion: Overview and Background of Natural Rubber (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

                     Rubber Dandelion: Quantification (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)                   

Rubber Dandelion: Tissue Culture Lab: Making More of a Good Thing (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

Some Assembly Required: Guayule Gloves (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)

TEDxColumbus: Avoiding a rubber apocalypse – let's grow our own (Speaker: Katrina Cornish)